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A metal wood burning fireplace or gas must be effective

an efficient fireplace
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Fireplaces, inserts and stoves are some heaters fueled by wood, gas or pellet must develop performance such as performance, power consumption, CO ² and have a reasonable price. Performance fireplaces inserts and stoves has changed in recent years with the advent of post-combustion models. A supply of fresh air enters the home so that the gases are completely burned before being evacuated. The air is cleaner because less CO2 ². The combustion is more complete, longer and consumes less wood than an open fireplace. A yield of 75% means that three quarters of the heat generated is returned to heat the room. A traditional open fire with a low around 20% yield: so 4/5 of the heat is lost. The most efficient devices at very high yields and saves a lot of fuel therefore savings. The power of a fireplace insert or wood stove is the amount of calories returned. It is indicated in kW. The power comes from the amount of wood used in the home, and the quality of the wood and the amount of air available to it. Finally, the price of these heaters should allow everyone to be able to equip to receive a minimum of comfort.


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