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The modern fireplace is an important decorative heating unit in the space of the house. Historically architects have used modern fireplace as the heart of the house by highlighting its architectural expression. Our ancestors also understood the importance of the four elements (fire, water, earth, air) in the house, contemporary fireplace symbolizes the fire element. Once the chimney was essential for heating during the winter. Today, even if this function is still valid, the fireplace inserts also becomes part of decoration and interior design. A modern fireplace well located and development gives personality to a room. If heating is a priority, then you can opt for a modern fireplace, insert or wood stove. With simple, modern design, these devices can be integrated seamlessly into your interior space. A modern or contemporary fireplace can be in different forms, but in general, the modern trend that expresses wants rather futuristic. The walls, the elements of the stack disappear to allow the fire to express. The principle is simple, simply otherwise revise the trend fireplace and above the main element that contains the fire. Fire with a contemporary fireplace is a source of sound, light and heat in a word the joy of living

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Fireplace Andorra manufacturer fireplaces, wood fireplaces, gas fireplace, single or double sided fireplace insert, wood stove, offers a new collection of fireplaces inserts and stoves at the best price. Whatever model: contemporary fireplace, fireplace design, rustic fireplace, metal fireplace, fireplace, fireplace front, fireplace angle open or closed, stove and fireplace insert, you will find the product that best suit your needs while respecting the criteria: performance, savings, modern fireplaces and respect for the environment.