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Fireplace combustion double

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The procedure of heating fireplace insert or wood stove is based on a double combustion, which results in:
- primary air is a supply of fresh air into the device before the fuel to assist and improve the combustion of wood. The primary air is above the wood And

- secondary air which is another air inlet after the fuel to burn off by the fuel to obtain complete combustion of the gas timber in which the name double combustion. Secondary air is below the wood. To ensure the proper functioning of a fireplace with a large order to obtain complete combustion of wood with a high power heat release rate of return, it must be equipped with a combustion chamber.
The advantage of a double combustion, using primary and secondary air inlet and visible output of fine and transparent smoke due to the total post-combustion gases.
Other advantages:
- Less release soot
- Clean windows
- Low energy consumption wooden
- More performance and power
- More heat
- Strong economy on energy bills
- Less pollution as low release of CO

Primary air and secondary pink blue box area

Secondary primary air to air

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